Hook magnets now also in white

Hook magnets now also in white

A hook magnet is a practical hanger that you can easily attach to any iron surface. From now on we offer hook magnets in addition to the well-known nickel plated version also with a white lacquered surface. As a result, the magnetic hooks on bright adhesion bases appear even more inconspicuous and the suspended article is in the foreground.

Hook magnets offer you the following advantages:

- easy hanging of various objects

- unobtrusive by white lacquered surface

In many areas of everyday life, objects must be hung up. So you can attach easily goods, information materials or advertisement e.g. in a shop with the help of magnetic hooks, at eye level of the customer.

You can create order in a production or workshop if you can attach frequently needed items, such as tools, directly where they are needed. Almost at any point with a base of iron, like e.g. at a machine. Hook magnets are also ideal for this application.

In addition to the commercial sector, the hook magnets can of course also be used in the workshop at home. Even in the household, the magnetic hooks are a practical helper. Attached to a refrigerator or whiteboard they hold keys, bags and more.

The magnetic adhesion of the magnetic hook makes assembly very easy. The hook magnets can be attached to any surface made of iron in lightning speed. Whether shelves, machines, refrigerators or whiteboards. A costly drilling to attach the hook is thus eliminated. On the other hand, the hook magnets can easily be released again from the adhesion base at any time, so that they can then be re-attached at a different location. With glued hooks this would not be so easy.

Magnetic hooks with a nickel plated surface (silver coloured) have been part of our product range for some time now. New are the hook magnets with white lacquered surface. Due to the white surface, the hook magnets on a light background are even less noticeable and the suspended goods or information are in the foreground.

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