LED worklight with magnetic base

An LED worklight facilitates working in many situations.

The LED worklight has a strong magnetic base which makes it easy to attach it to any kind of iron surface such as machines, shelves or engine compartments. The big advantage is that both hands are free. The flexible swan neck allows you to direct the light directly to the desired location. Three extra-bright LED lamps illuminate the working area optimally and make the work extremely easy.

An LED worklight offers the following advantages:

- Illumination of hard-to-reach places thanks to the flexible gooseneck

- easy and secure attachment by strong magnetic base

Often the right light is missing when working on machines or in the engine compartment. Angled corners are usually in the dark and this makes the work much more difficult. Of course you can now illuminate the work area with a torch but you must always hold it in your hands. This gives you only one hand free to work. If you now need both hands you have to put the flashlight down and the working area can then usually no longer be illuminated ideal.

The LED worklight has a strong neodymium magnet in the foot. This allows the LED worklight to be fastened quickly and easily to any surface of iron such as a machine or engine compartment.

The flexible gooseneck allows the head to be turned into any desired direction. You can therefore always illuminate exactly the place where you are working.

Three powerful LED bulbs are used in the illuminating head of the LED worklight. These illuminate in a very bright white light and thus make it possible to illuminate the working area.

The LED worklight is operated by four button cells which are included in the scope of delivery and are already installed. If the batteries become weaker you can easily replace these batteries. Simply unscrew the head of the LED working light and remove the carrier with the four button cells and replace it.

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