Magnetic clip holder

Save time and effort with a magnetic clip holder.

A magnetic clip holder offers the following advantages:

- Fixation of various objects

- Easy to attach to any surface of iron

- Rubber coated magnetic foot prevents slipping and protects the surface

A magnetic clip holder allows you to attach a variety of objects to any iron surface. Flashlights, tools, cleaning utensils and much more. Anything that fits into the opening of the magnetic clip holder can be attached securely. A magnetic clip holder is therefore a practical aid. Whether in the workshop, in the company or at home. The possibilities for using a magnetic clip holder are many.

The strong magnet on the underside of the magnetic clip holder allows the magnetic clip holder to be attached to any surface made of iron. Thus the practical holder is fastened in seconds and without drilling or gluing.

You can easily attach for example tools to a machine. The tool is always ready for use and does not have to be searched for long. A magnetic clip holder thus provides you a reduction in working time as well as a time saving.

Mounting with the aid of a magnet has of course not only the advantage that mounting is extremely quick and easy but also that a magnet can be released from the base at any time without any residue in order to reattach it at another point. No ugly holes or glue remains.

The magnet on the underside of the magnetic clip holder is covered with a layer of rubber. This has two positive effects: the friction between the magnet and the adhesive is increased by the layer of rubber. The magnet can therefore be loaded with a higher weight without slipping. In addition, the rubber layer protects the substrate against scratching. Therefore you can use the magnetic clip holder on sensitive surfaces such as varnish.

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