Magnetic Cup Holder

Magnetic Cup Holder for more order at the workplace

With a magnetic cup holder you have drinks but also many other items always handy; exactly where they are needed.

Magnetic cup holders have the following characteristics:

- easy to install
- versatile application
- robust processing

Drinks, cleaning agents, lubricants or tools - In the production, in the workshop or in the warehouse of an establishment certain items have to be used constantly and should therefore always be ready for use. By more order at the workplace the annoying search for the required item is eliminated and this time can be saved. Our magnetic cup holder provides more order at the workplace.

The magnetic cup holders are equipped with strong ferrite magnets on the back. This allows the magnetic cup holder to be attached to any iron-bearing substrate. Whether on vehicles such as forklifts, on machines or shelves made of iron.

The magnetic cup holder offers much space for a variety of different objects. The fields of application are therefore versatile. You can for example attach your coffee cup or a water bottle to a forklift truck. The magnetic cup holder even holds thermos. But magnetic cup holders are not only suitable for beverage containers. Many machines require supplies such as cleaners or lubricants which must always be ready to use. With a magnetic cup holder you can attach these materials directly to the machine or to a factory car. Spray cans or other containers already have their place and can no longer be moved. Furthermore objects can be easily and quickly removed from the magnetic cup holder at any time. Faster than for example from a drawer.

However quite different objects such as tools can also be attached to an iron base by a magnetic cup holder. Now create more order at the workplace with magnetic cup holders.

The magnetic cup holders are made of an extremely robust plastic. This makes them resistant to damage and makes it easy to override everyday life in a production, workshop or warehouse.

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