Magnetic frame

Magnetic frame

With a magnetic frame you can quickly attach documents in A4 format such as markings, information, instructions and other notices to any surface of iron.

The foil protects them from soiling and damage.

Due to the coloured border of the magnetic frame your documents stand straight in the eye and cannot be overlooked. The magnetic frames are also available in different colours. This allows you to assign a certain type of notice to a colour.

Magnetic frames gives you the following benefits:

- Simply attach notices

- Protection of the signs from contamination and damage

- Eye catcher thanks to coloured frame

- Different coloured frames allow the assignment of notices

Especially in manufacturing companies but also in storage facilities, offices or shops, operating instructions, safety instructions or other information should be quickly and clearly visible to every employee or customer. Printed information pollutes quickly and must be fixed with tape which then makes it difficult to exchange the information.

Here you need our magnetic frames. These can be attached magnetically easily to iron surfaces. Attach the frames to machines, iron doors, storage shelves, cabinets or even whiteboards.

Three of the four sides of the magnetic frames are equipped with a magnetic tape on the back. On the recessed narrow side printed documents in A4 format can easily be inserted.

Due to the magnetic frames your sheet is completely covered by a transparent foil. This prevents the documents from dirt and damage. The transparent foil is provided with a coloured border. This makes the magnetic frame and thus your presented information an eye-catcher that cannot be overlooked. Especially the red frame is particularly striking and is therefore ideal for example to attach safety instructions.

With us you get the magnetic frames in the four colours black, white, grey and red. You have the opportunity to represent different types of information in different colours and thus to make the content clear at first glance. For example important safety instructions can be provided with a red frame. Operating instructions with a black frame etc.

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