Magnetic glass boards

Magnetic glass boards

A magnetic glass board is a particularly elegant and high-quality adhesion base for magnets. It is therefore ideal for attaching flyers, photos and notes. In addition, a magnetic glass board can be labeled with a board marker. You can thus hold notes directly on the magnetic glass board.

A magnetic glass board offers you the following advantages:

- elegant and high-quality adhesion base for magnets

- write on with a board marker and wipe off again

- inclusive board markers, mounting material and drilling template

- suspension for horizontal and vertical mounting

A magnetic glass board is the most beautiful adhesion base for magnets due to its chic glass surface and cuts a fine figure both at home and in the office.

The magnetic glass boards are available from us in the dimensions 45 x 45 cm and 40 x 60 cm. You can also choose between the two colours black and white.

Two strong neodymium magnets are included. Further magnets (office magnets) are available in our online shop.

Please note that the magnets must have a certain adhesion force in order to get through the glass plate and adhere to the magnetic glass board. The magnets should therefore consist of neodymium. Magnets made of ferrite, as well as magnetic tapes have too low adhesion and thus do not hold on a magnetic glass board. We recommend the use of neodymium magnets with a thickness of more than 1.5 mm and all items with a neodymium core. The pin magnets with the item No. KMA and KMM, as well as the smallest super strength magnets SKM-16, despite their neodymium core, are too weak to adhere to a magnetic glass board due to their size.

A board marker is included. This can be used to write on the magnetic glass board. The marker will be in black or white depending on the colour of the board. The lettering can of course be removed without leaving any residue. Simply wipe with a cloth over the magnetic glass board.

Similarly the mounting material and a drilling template are included. This makes the installation of the magnetic glass board child's play. No tedious measuring. Simply drill two holes using the supplied drilling template and you can now sink dowels and screws in the wall and hang your magnetic glass board.

Our magnetic glass boards can be fixed both horizontally and vertically. Especially with the magnetic glass boards with the size 40 x 60 cm, this results in different ways to use the magnetic glass board.

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