Magnetic holder for air tools

Magnetic holder for air tools

Magnetic holder for air tools are a handy suspension for a variety of different objects not just for air tools.

A magnetic holder for air tools offers the following advantages:

- easy to attach thanks to the large magnet

- rubberized holding arms for attaching different tools

Air tools are often used in workshops as well as in other companies. These tools are often used more than once a day. So it makes sense to keep the tools so that they are always ready for use. This will help you to make work easier and save time.

An especially handy way to attach air tools is our magnetic holder for air tools. The magnetic holder for air tools is equipped with a strong magnet at the back. It is therefore easy to attach magnetically to any surface of iron. Whether on a lifting platform, a work station or an iron rack, a magnetic holder for air tools is easy to attach magnetically.

Of course air tools can also be attached to screws or hooks. But for the use of them holes have to be drilled which makes the assembly more difficult. In addition the surface is damaged in this case. A magnetic holder can be detached from the base at any time without any effort and without residue in order to fasten it in another place. The surface does not have to be damaged and assembly is much faster.

The magnetic holder for air tools has two rubberized holding arms. A wide range of air tools can be inserted into these holding arms or can also be placed on top. The rubber casing of the holding arms prevents slipping of the suspended tools.

Of course not only air tools can be conveniently hooked into the magnetic holder. Other items that are often required can be easily attached to the magnetic holder to have them ready to hand. For example attach adhesives directly to packaging machines or brooms on a shelf.

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