Magnetic Label Holders

Magnetic Label Holders

With magnetic label holders stock labelling becomes easy. But not only storage also machines and tools can be quickly and easily labelled with magnetic label holders. In addition the magnetic label holders can also be used as a presentation medium on whiteboards.

Your benefits at a glance:

- Attach markings and remove them quickly and easily at any time

- Secure hold thanks to full magnetic back

In order to find stored goods quickly it is necessary to mark storage places. A good labelling saves the tedious searching and the desired product can be found at first glance.

With magnetic label holders labelling of your storage becomes particularly easy. Simply create the desired label on the PC and print it out or use the supplied cardboard labels for a label written by hand. Slide the labels into the magnetic label holder and attach it to an iron base.

In the private sector the magnetic label holders are also ideally suited to label the domestic storage rack or the shelf in the hobby room of course.

The magnetic label holders are fully magnetic on the backside and thus hold securely on any surface made of iron. On the front the magnetic label holders are covered with a white foil. On top of that a transparent foil is welded in which you can insert your labels. The transparent film protects your labels from dirt and damage reliably.

A big advantage of the magnetic label holder compared to other labelling options is that you can remove the magnetic label holder at any time without residue and attach it to a different location if the storage space should change.

Of course not only the storage can be labelled with a magnetic label holder. Identify your injection mouldings and stamping tools or machines with the help of a magnetic label holders. So these can be clearly identified at any time.

However magnetic label holders cannot be used only for labelling. They are also ideal as a presentation medium on whiteboards. For example for creating shift schedules using magnetic label holders. From week to week you only need to move the labels and not redraw the entire plan.

Even in the private sector you can easily create plans and lists and change them again and again. Application examples are cleaning plans in the household or lists and rankings in the sports club.

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