Magnetic Spray Can Holder

Various items ready to use with magnetic spray can holders.

You can attach spray cans, tools, or other objects to a machine, a factory car, or any other substrate of iron with a magnetic spray can holder. With a magnetic spray can holder you always have needed items ready to hand without long searching.

A magnetic spray can holder has the following features:

- Handy storage for spray cans and also tools and other objects

- 6 strong magnets keep the holder securely on any iron surface

- The magnets are coated with rubber which protects against scratching

The magnetic spray can holder is versatile. With it you can attach spray cans exactly where they are needed. On a factory vehicle or directly on a machine where for example lubricant is regularly required. You do not have to worry about searching and long distances because you always have the can ready to use

But there are not only spray cans that can be attached to an iron ground with the magnetic spray can holder. The holders are also used for attaching tools. So you also have frequently used tools exactly where they are needed. The bottom of the magnetic spray can holder is equipped with 10 Uni-function round holes. You can easily insert tools such as screwdrivers and store them well into the holder. The possibilities for a magnetic spray can holder are numerous. For example you can also attach documents, test equipment or reference samples directly to the machine on which you are currently producing.

On the back the magnetic spray can holder is equipped with 6 strong magnets. It therefore holds securely on every surface of iron. The holding force of the holder is 1.8 kg.

The magnets are coated with a rubber layer. This has two important advantages: Firstly the holding force of the magnets is amplified. Slipping of the magnets on the iron material is minimized. On the other hand the surface is protected. Due to the rubber covering the surface can not be scratched and the magnetic spray can holder can also be used on sensitive surfaces such as lacquer.

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