Magnetic tray

With a magnetic tray the search for small parts such as nails, screws or nuts has finally come to an end!

A magnetic tray is handy in two ways: thanks to the strong magnet on the underside it holds securely small pieces of iron. At the same time the magnetic tray itself can also be attached to a substrate made of iron.

A magnetic tray convinces with the following properties:

- Small pieces of iron stick in the shell

- The tray can be attached to any iron surface

- Thanks to the rubber coating there is no scratching

At the maintenance of machines in the factory, during repairs in the workshop or at home during the construction of furniture; You are constantly working with small pieces of iron such as screws or nails. These small parts fall down quickly and are lost. Looking for the last screw you need can cost quite a bit of nerves. A suitable storage option is provided which keeps small parts safe.

A particularly handy storage option for small parts made of iron is a magnetic tray. Through the strong magnet which is installed underneath the tray parts of iron are attracted by the tray and can no longer fall out. Small parts such as screws adhere safely to the tray even if the tray is turned upside down.

Not only parts which are placed in the magnetic tray are attracted by the strong magnet also the magnetic tray itself is magnetically adhered to any substrate made of iron. So you can attach the magnetic tray to machines, factory vehicles or other vehicles such as cars and have the necessary parts always ready for use.

Due to the rubber coating of the magnet the tray does not scratch the ground were the magnetic tray is attached to. So it is also possible to attach the magnetic tray to sensitive surfaces such as car paint. For example you can attach wheel bolts to the vehicle when changing the wheel using the magnetic tray.

The magnetic trays are made of stainless steel. They are therefore also suitable for outdoor use and guarantee durability.

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