Magnifier with flexible arm and magnetic foot

A magnifier with flexible arm and magnetic foot is a practical aid in many areas.

A magnifier with flexible arm and magnetic foot offers the following advantages:

- makes work much easier by optical enlargement of the working area

- easy attachment to any underground made of iron

- flexible to use because of the flexible arm

Whether in the workshop, in production or even in the private environment the use of a magnifier facilitates work in many areas. Because it is often necessary to take a closer look at different objects.

The machining of workpieces in the workshop or the production site is much easier if you can magnify the area to be machined by a magnifier. But not only in the production of workpieces but also in the control of produced parts a magnifier is of course very helpful because enlargement makes it easier to identify faulty parts. In addition to the wide range of applications in the commercial environment magnifiers are also a practical aid in the private sector. Also in this case many actions are made easier by the magnifying effect of a magnifier. Magnifiers are often used as a work aid in crafting, manufacturing or modelling.

Our magnifier is equipped with a flexible arm and a magnetic foot. Therefore you do not have to keep the magnifier constantly in your hand and have both hands free to work or pursue your hobby. Thanks to the magnetic base you can attach the magnifier to any iron surface. You can attach the magnifier so comfortably to machines, vices, cabinets or shelves.

The flexible arm of the magnifier can be adjusted in all directions. This allows you to align the magnifier to the object you want to magnify after attaching the magnifier to an iron surface.

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