Metal magnetic pen holder - now available in black

Our popular pencil holder with extra strong and rubberized magnetic base is now also available in black.

The magnetic pen holder is equipped with an extra strong neodymium magnet which makes it securely adhering to any iron surface. Even when inserting or removing a pen this magnetic metal pen holder does not slip. The rubber cover of the magnet ensures even more adhesion of the magnet on the surface and also protects the surface from scratching. The flexible metal loop allows the use of a wide variety of writing instruments.

A magnetic metal pen holder offers the following advantages:

- secure hold thanks to extra strong neodymium magnet

- Rubber protects against scratching the surface

- flexible metal loop allows the use of different writing instruments

Writing instruments such as ball-point pens, pencils or thick pencils are being used several times a day even at home. It is therefore particularly handy if you have the necessary writing instruments always at hand. A magnetic pen holder makes this possible in a simple way.

The extra strong neodymium magnet on the underside of the magnetic metal pen holder makes it possible to attach the pens to any iron surface. Thus you will always attach your writing instruments exactly where you need them regularly and have them always at hand. For example you can attach the magnetic metal pen holder to machines, shelves or a tool cart. The neodymium magnet is so strong that the pen holder sticks securely to the iron surface. Even when inserting and extracting the pen a magnetic metal pen holder remains in place without slipping.

The neodymium magnet is coated with a layer of rubber. This has two important advantages: the surface of the magnet does not lie on the surface of the metal base due to the layer of rubber. As a result the adhesive force and thus the protection against slipping of the metal magnetic pen holder is enormously increased. The second major advantage of the rubber cover of the magnet is the protection of the surface from scratching. A magnetic metal pen holder can therefore also be used on sensitive surfaces such as lacquer.

The attachment of the writing instrument in a magnetic pen holder is particularly simple: the flexible loop can be used to insert both thin and thicker pens without effort.

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