Name Plates with Magnet

Name plates with magnet - easy mounting on every clothing

Our new name plates with magnet are ready to use: Just slide your business card (or other paper) into the card carrier and already the name plate can be used.

Name plated with magnet convince with the following features:

- Simple installation
- Suitable for all clothes
- No damage to the clothes

Our name plates with magnet consist of a cardcarrier which is made of rigid PVC. In this carrier you can insert your business card and your personal name plate is ready. Of course you can also insert other printings instead of business cards. You can print for example a sheet on PC or create nametags handwritten.

On the back the nameplates are equipped with a strong neodymium magnet. So the nameplates can be attached to clothing very comfortable. The magnet can be removed easily from the nameplate and slid under the clothing. After that the nameplate can be attached magnetically.

The handling of the nameplates with magnet is therefore much more easier than handling of a nameplate with a safety pin. There is also no need to sting a needle into the clothes if you use a name plate with magnet. There are also nameplates with a clip for attaching the nameplate to clothes but not to every clothes it is possible to attach a clip. The nameplates with magnet are therefore probably the best possibility of attaching name plates to each type of clothing.

The neodymium magnet on the back of the name plates has a high magnetic force. This prevents slipping of the nameplates. We offer the nameplates with two types of magnetic badges. The round version is equipped with one strong neodymium magnet and the square version even with three powerful neodymium magnets for extra holding power and even more protection before slipping of the name badge.

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