Neodymium magnet pockets

Neodymium magnet pockets

Strong hold, even on difficult adhesion bases

With neodymium magnetic pockets, you can attach documents in DIN-A4 and DIN-A5 format safely and reliably to all surfaces made of iron. The extra-strong neodymium magnets make it possible to attach even to difficult adhesion bases where full-surface attachment is not possible. Neodymium magnet pockets are therefore ideal for attaching and presenting information to lattice boxes, machines, storage shelves and much more. The durable transparent PVC foil makes your documents easy to read and yet ideally protected.

Neodymium magnetic pockets offer you the following advantages:

- safe hold thanks to strong neodymium magnets

- hold on difficult adhesion bases, such as lattice surfaces

- strong PVC foil and partly with flap for optimum protection of your documents

Often, important information must be presented in a way that is easy to read for everyone. Item waybills on lattice boxes, data sheets on machines or labels on storage shelves are only a few examples of the many areas of application in a company. A particularly simple and secure way to present common formats, such as DIN A5 and A4 are our new neodymium magnet pockets. Thanks to the two extra strong neodymium magnets per magnet pocket they hold reliably on any ferrous ground.

The big advantage of neodymium magnet pockets over traditional magnetic pockets is that they do not require a large adhesive surface. The welded-in neodymium magnets are so strong that it is sufficient to attach the pocket to narrow surfaces. The neodymium magnet pockets therefore also hold on lattice surfaces or narrow metal parts, such as on the supports of shelves, where conventional magnetic pockets with a magnetic foil would reach their limits.

The neodymium magnet pockets are available from us in the standard formats DIN-A4 and DIN-A5. Both formats are made of a durable PVC foil and each equipped with two strong neodymium magnets. The neodymium magnet pocket in A4 format also has a flap. This further increases the protection of your documents from contamination and damage from water or dust. In addition, the A4-sized neodymium magnet pockets have a pre-punched and welded hanging hole. Thus, you can also use the magnet pockets if there is no surface made of iron and attach the magnet pockets with a clip to a plastic transport box.

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