Noble and strong - Magnetic pen holder also for whiteboards and memoboards

The strong neodymium magnet pen holder is available with different hole diameters and is therefore also suitable for thicker pens such as whiteboard markers.

The magnetic pen holder for whiteboards and memoboards is made of a neodymium magnet and has therefore a very high magnetic strength. Your writing instruments such as whiteboard markers are fastened securely to the whiteboard / memoboard or any other surfaces of iron. In addition to its functionality the magnetic pen holder also impresses with its modern and high-quality design.

A magnetic pen holder for whiteboards / memoboards offers the following advantages:

- secure holding of whiteboard markers and other writing instruments

- modern and high-quality design

There are different solutions for attaching writing instruments to whiteboards / memoboards or other surfaces of iron. Often these holders are only clamped or tacked with a low magnetic strength. When removing the writing instrument from the holder the holder can fall off quickly. With our magnetic pen holder for whiteboards / memoboards this cannot happen to you.

The magnetic pen holder for whiteboards / memoboards is made from a block neodymium magnet and thus it has an extremely high magnetic strength. A drop of the magnetic pen holder from your Whiteboard / Memoboard is therefore virtually impossible.

A magnetic pen holder is a handy aid in everyday life because with it you have the necessary writing instrument always ready to hand and save yourself the annoying searching. With a magnetic pen holder you can attach your writing instrument simply to any surface of iron such as a whiteboard or memoboard.

Most magnetic pen holders are designed for writing instruments with a smaller diameter such as a ballpoint pen. The magnetic pen holder is available in two different sizes and with five different hole diameters. So you can fasten a ballpoint pen as well as a whiteboard marker.

A further advantage of the magnetic pen holder for whiteboards / memoboards is the modern and high-quality design. The block optic looks both modern and high-quality. The heavy metal also gives an impression of high-quality when you hold it into your hands.

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