Non-magnetic, yet ingenious - Adhesive pockets

Non-magnetic, yet ingenious - Adhesive pockets

With adhesive pockets, you can attach A4 sheets to smooth surfaces without the use of glue or other aids, simply by the static charge of the foil *. Ideal for presenting information to shop windows, glass doors or memo boards in the office or on car windows.

Adhesive pockets offer you the following advantages:

- presenting information to glass or other smooth surfaces

- sticking due to static charge *, without glue or other fasteners

- removable without residue

Often, important information must be presented in a way that is easy to read for everyone. A particularly simple yet appealing way to present A4 sheets of paper are our new adhesive pockets.

These adhere solely to their static charge * on smooth surfaces, such as glass. There is no need of additional fasteners, such as glue or thumbtacks. This has the advantage that the adhesive pockets can be removed at any time without residue from the base and attached to another location again.

The applications for adhesive pockets are numerous. Typical applications can be: The presentation of opening times or special promotions at windows of local shops, Notes on glass doors, general notices on memo boards, or details of the offer at the windows from cars for sale.

As the name suggests, the adhesive pockets are a bag. For this purpose, two transparent foils are welded together. The adhesive pocket is opened on a narrow side, so you can insert your A4 sheet. On the back of the adhesive pocket is a protective foil that protects the adhesive pocket from dirt, so that the static adhesion of the adhesive pocket is not affected. After peeling off the protective foil, the adhesive pocket is ready to use and you can pin your information on any smooth surface.

The adhesive pockets are transparent from both sides. You can also present your information in front of or behind glass pane.

* The static charge of the adhesive pockets is caused by friction.

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