Pin magnets now also in magenta

Because of their way of use our pin magnets are one of the most popular magnets.

With pin magnets the attachment of notes is incomparably simple. Our transparent acrylic pin magnets are now also available in the trend colour magenta.

Our acrylic pin magnets offer the following advantages:

- Especially comfortable to use

- Strong hold thanks to neodymium magnet

- Attractive design

On memo boards, whiteboards, metal bars or even refrigerators notes, shopping lists, invoices and other documents are attached using magnets. A special design of the magnets are the pin magnets which bear their name because of their conical shape.

The conical form of these magnets has an extremely practical use. Thanks to the conical shape a pin magnet can be griped particularly easily. The conical handle creates a leverage effect when removing the pin magnet from the surface. This makes the removal of the magnet much easier because much less force is needed. This makes attaching notes and other documents with a pin magnet much more comfortable than with a conventional flat magnet. This can only be griped at the side directly besides the ground and there is thus no leverage which assists in the removal of the magnet.

The pin magnets consist of a hard plastic and are therefore very durable and insensitive to damage. A neodymium magnet is inserted into the underside of the pin magnet. Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets and thus the embedded neodymium magnet gives the pin magnet a very high adhesive force.

The pin magnets are available in two different sizes and in different colours. You can choose between the colours purple, blue, green, red and now magenta. A neutral transparent design is also available. The colours are transparent and therefore look modern and attractive. Choose the pin magnets in your favourite colour or assorted colours to make your Memo board, your metal bar or your refrigerator coloury.

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